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CBD Paw Restore

CBD Paw Restore

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Paw Restore should be a staple in your dogs life. Its specially formulated for paw pads, the skin in between their paws, their nails, elbows and even their nose! It's important to apply it whenever your dog goes for a walk, hike, or even just plays outside. Fungus and bacteria are everywhere outside and if your dog has a habit of biting or licking their paws, it could be harmful. Paw Restore can help before it happen because it is antimicrobial and antibacterial. Research and Clients also have shown that it also helps:

Dry, Cracked Paws
Itchiness and irritation
Redness/ Rashes
Dry Elbows
Dry Noses
So Much More!


Cannabinoid Oil, CBD, Jamaican Black Castor Oil

How to use

Store in a cool dark location out of sunlight.

Massage into paws after going outside to keep them clean and kill all bacteria, continue regularly to keep them healthy and moisturized.

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