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Hempability is a phenomenal company to work with- they are extremely knowledgeable, so helpful and get you product fast. I was searching for a product to help my Mom (70 y/o) with some chronic knee and shoulder pain. Jeanette made up a body butter creme that has left my mom pain free for the past 4 days. For anyone that is in pain yet skeptic and CBD products for pain please give Joe and Jeanette a shout as I promise that you won’t regret it.

Rachael Cole

I am a martial arts instructor. After many months of research I discovered the products the Hempability offers gave me the relief for my aches and pains I was desperately needing and had been looking for. You see,years of being in the martial arts industry,owning my own school- I wanted something of pure quality from a Family Owned Company that I could trust. Something exeptional. They were very responsive to answering all of my questions and explaining to me the finer details of exactly what products would help me the to save me time and money in just trying different things on my own. Even as far as giving my family a tour of the facility. Seeing the passion of their staff for the quality and safety that goes into day to day operations was impressive. I highly recommend this company to anyone who is like me, looking for a natural pain relief that your body will thank you for.

Veronica Teuschler

I purchased the CBD for Dogs, to help with my small dogs skin issues. I applied the CBD oil to her ears as she’s always scratching at her ears until the rubbed raw. I’ve tried numerous medications but nothing alleviated her symptoms. The day after applying the CBD oil she was like a different dog. She was not itching her ears at all and all the redness and swelling has gone down significantly. I continue to apply it daily to her ears as well as in her food, I also apply it to my other dogs for their skin and coat health. I can’t recommend this product enough!

Richie Dooner

I get Pain and Swelling in my foot from arthritis and have to use a cane at times, and pain in my hand. I put your Muscle Rub on my foot and the swelling went down and all the pain left, so the cane was not needed to walk, also the pain in my hand was gone just from rubbing the Muscle Rub on my foot. Thank you so much I will be ordering more.
Also my neighbor who was going to his doctor to get a shot for his knee pain, I gave him some of the muscle rub and it took away his knee pain and he wanted to order some along with your CBD oil. So thanks again, from him.

Ann Milby

Such GREAT products! The CBD Tincture, Body Butter and Muscle Rub have given me my life back. Having had over 20 years of surgeries, pain has been an increasing part of my life and the cause of less ‘living’. They were FANTASTIC at answering my questions! Thank you for offering Quality products at an affordable price.


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Both my children suffer from extreme anxiety and depression. Being a mom I was so hesitant to automatically put them on medication. I reached out to Joe and not only did he explain everything to me, he even took the time to come explain everything to my daughter. I can honestly say the cbd tincture works great for both of them. It doesn't affect the way they think or their everyday life cycles. It helps them think clearly. My daughter has such bad anxiety that when we go out to eat she cant even order for herself. Today was the first day in I couldn't tell you how long she ordered her own food!! I can not recommend these products enough! Yes they do work!! Not only do the products work but they take the time to explain everything to you!

Heather Lown

I haven't had a fibromyalgia attack since I've been on cbd

Sean Funk

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