Face & Skin Ailments

After suffering from Acne, This the progression within 8 Days of applying Face Therapy

Face Therapy

After a surgery in her neck (ACDFP) This patient began applying Face Therapy, this is the progression within 12 days, once or twice daily

Face Therapy

Suffering from an open wound that prescription medication couldn’t fix, this patient starting applying Scalp Treatment. This is the progression over 2 weeks

Scalp Treatment

After a Nail Tech left her cuticles raw and bleeding, This is after one use of Cuticle Care

Cuticle Care

To improve existing, this patient applies Indelible Ink. This is after one use

Indelible Ink
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Suffering from a Hot Spot on her tail, see this dogs progression using CBD Select for Pets within 2 weeks

CBD Select for Pets

Suffering from a puncture on his coronary band, Thrush and Wound Care was applied. This is the progression within 18 days

Thrush and Wound Care

After noticing a hole in his hoof, it was immediately treated with Thrush and Wound. This is the progression over 17 days

Thrush and Wound

Suffering from Rain Rot on his face, This horse was treated with Thrush and Wound, this is the progression after 20 days

Thrush and Wound

After an allergic reaction to bug bites, the bottom of this horses stomach became hard and extremely swollen. See the progression after 5 days using CBD Select topically and orally.

CBD Select for Pets

After getting stuck in burrs, this horse’s mane was completed stuck, after applying Mane and Tail and brushing for around 30 minutes

Mane and Tail

This pup had itchy, dry and rough paws, Paw Restore was applied one time and within 10 minutes she was better!

Paw Restore
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