Who is Hempability®?

Hempability® is a women-owned family operated, seed to shelf company that specializes in the understanding, use, and delivery of the CBD molecule. Our seed to shelf program ensures that we oversee every stage of our CBD products. Hempability®’s transparency, consistency and purity puts us first choice when it comes to choosing CBD products for you, your family, and your pets.
Our vision has always been to educate and empower all people to live healthy, happy lives, naturally.


Our journey started with our beloved animals and close friends & family. Supplying them with a natural product that we believed would help, now they believe!
The ability to change the daily lives of the animals and people we love most motivated us into developing a line of products that could help all people and their pets.




Jeanette is the founder and President, as well as the Research and Development Specialist at Hempability®. Jeanette has over 40 years’ experience in animal husbandry, and is certified in animal training, nutrition, and behavior with extensive experience in the equine and canine fields. Jeanette has a special gift in understanding how these animals operate and what they need most. As head of the product development and research for Hempability®, Jeanette puts extensive amounts of study and beta testing into each product, with her own animals, before being to released to the public.


Marissa is our Chief Brand Officer and strategic planner. Marissa’s passion for art, music, wellness and the human spirit make her the perfect candidate for creative director. Her passion for the Human Spirt is coupled with her understanding of the cannabis business. Marissa has created her vision for Hempability® to be a leader in this industry and has set the foundation for the company to blossom and continue to deliver a superior small batch product. 




Joe is our CEO, head of sales, and CBD specialist. Joe’s journey into natural healing and CBD  began long before the legalization in the US. He has traveled the world extensively, mostly South East Asia and the Middle East, and lived in Sri Lanka for 10 years. During those years, with very little access to Western doctors, Joe relied on many local healers . Many of the countries he visited, Joe found healers were using the properties of the hemp plant to fight most of the ailments that came to them.  His knowledge of the plant, its chemical components and its uses is extensive. This mixed with understanding and respect of many different cultures, the gift of communication, and passion for the Hempability® Mission, makes Joe the perfect person to spearhead our sales and community outreach team.