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CBD Indelible Ink Aftercare

CBD Indelible Ink Aftercare

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Indelible Ink Tattoo Care is for all Tattoos, Old & New. Our formula keeps your tattoos sharp and full of color. Customers have also been using it before getting the tattoo so your skin is more open to accepting the ink. It is recommended to use it after getting your new tattoo to heal faster than it would with anything else. Our product is different than any other tattoo after care for multiple reasons. Indelible Ink will not only prevent any fading, it will also restore faded colors and keep your tattoo looking fresh. Hempability®'s Indelible Ink Tattoo Care is for life long tattoo care.

Lab tested for purity and potency
All natural ingredients
Great for New & Old Ink


Pure CBD Isolate, Hemp Extracts, Shea Butter

How to use

Store at room temperature, keep out of direct sunlight. Product consistency will change with temperature.

Apply about a pea sized amount for every 2 inches of your skin. Apply twice daily for best results

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