CBD for Horses

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Our CBD for Horses Supplement Oil is formulated for horses that live in discomfort. The 1,500mg of Pure CBD Isolate will relive almost any problem your animal struggles with. This oil has shown to calm anxieties and help some behavioral issues. Some of our customers have even said it makes getting on the trailer a lot easier. CBD also has healing properties and helps keep wounds and irritations protected and generate new cells. This formula has also proven to help reduce swelling and help drastically with pain management. Evidence shows that CBD can even help with arthritis and lameness and our customers have reported their horses joints and tendons moving easier. 

  • Lab tested for purity
  • Safe for humans and horses
  • All 100% natural ingredients 

Details & Directions: Store in a cold, dark location. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Contains Pure CBD Isolate and All Natural Hemp oil. 

Serve CBD for Horses to your horse twice daily, straight in their mouth, on a treat or in their grain. Recommended serving size is 1-2mL.

For skin irritations and wounds: It is best to apply CBD for Horses directly in the irritated area on their skin in addition to taking it orally.