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CBD Select for Dogs & Horses

CBD Select for Dogs & Horses

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Our CBD Select for Dogs & Horses helps the animals with more complex needs. The 1,500mg of Pure CBD aids many things so your pet can have a more comfortable life. This oil has shown to calm anxieties and help reduce shaking. This formula has also proven to help reduce inflammation and drastically improve pain management. This tincture is especially good for animals that have discomfort, trouble moving or are prone to specific internal or external afflictions. Evidence shows that CBD can also provide relief from skin irritations. This formula has proven to help many things such as, arthritis, ulcers, skin irritations, allergies, and many other things. Designed to aid the Nervous, Immune, Digestive, and Respiratory systems, CBD Select can target what your animal needs most to give you the purest solution available.

Dog Specific Afflictions:

Hip Displacia
Hot Spots
Anixeties (Separation Anxiety, Thunder/Fireworks, etc.)
Infections/Wounds (Ear, Oral, Urinary, Skin)
Horse Specific Afflictions:

Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Infections/Wounds (Ear, Oral, Urinary, Skin)
Trailer/Stall Anxieties


Hempability®’s CBD Select Dogs & Horses

How to use

Store in a cold, dark location. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Serve CBD Select for Dogs & Horses to your animal once to twice daily, depending on your animals ailments, on food or a treat. Recommended serving size is 1-2mL. (One Full Dropper)


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