CBD Hoof and Frog Care

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CBD Hoof and Frog Care comes in a personal size and a barn size. Containing 1200mg of Pure CBD & Formulated to help their hoof be in optimal conditions, This natural blend of limited ingredients is proven to help aid in common hoof ailments. Not only will it help maintain your horses hooves until your next farrier visit, Research has shown that it also helps:

  • Dry, Cracked Frog
  • Irritation/ Bruising 
  • Abscesses 
  • White Line Disease 
  • Swelling
  • Cuts/Scrapes 
  • So Much More!

Directions and Details: Store in a cool dark location out of sunlight.  For mild ailments apply every other day. For regular hoof care apply about 2-3 times a week

 Squeeze bottle on to coronary band , then on a clean hoof, apply to the heel, frog and sole.