Homeopathic Pain Relief

Homeopathic Pain Relief


What is causing your pain? 

Although to some this seems like a simple question, it isn’t always the easiest to detect pain. Pains like Arthritis, Sprains, Stomachaches, Headaches, migraines, and more are easier to recognize. Some aches and pains aren’t as easy to pin point. In fact, things like lack of sleep, stress, anxiety and depression have all shown they cause psychologically-induced discomfort.

How can CBD affect your pain?

CBD talks directly to your Endocannabinoid System, which is responsible for appetite, pain, memory and so much more! The CB-Receptors in this system communicate directly with your brain and immune system and when you introduce CBD it sends you anti-inflammatory signals to help you manage and regulate pain.

How do I use CBD for my pain?

Hempability®’s Topicals, like CBD Body Butter, Belly Balm, Roll on Relief, etc., will bring you fast relief from pain but it isn’t always the best option. In severe and chronic cases CBD will help the best through your bloodstream (orally). CBD Tinctures may be confusing at first, questions like, How often do I take my tincture? Which carrier oil do I choose? and, How do I figure out my correct dosage? Are extremely common, you can schedule a consultation with us, or try to dial it in on your own! 
Experiment: CBD responds differently to everyone’s body, there are different potency tinctures with different carrier oils, so it is important to find the perfect one for you. In special cases, we make you a personalized Custom Tincture specifically formulated for you. 
Dealing with the Day: Try to take your tincture a few times a day! When you feel aches, headaches, pain or need energy or are looking for help to relax, take your tincture sublingually. It is important to remember a few things when keeping your tincture with you and  taking it using the day,
  • Keep tinctures with MCT Oil of Direct Sunlight and Out of cold areas (refrigerator)
  • When you take it, make sure you let your tincture sit under your tongue for at least 30 seconds
  • You can’t take too much! Nothing catastrophic will happen if you take over the recommended amount.

Natural Pain Relief 

If you’re looking for a natural way to heal instead of masking unwelcome pain, CBD is your answer. Being in constant pain is no way to live, improve your quality of life is not only beneficial to you, but to everyone who loves you! Get your life back and get rid of pain. Schedule an appointment or visit Hempability®‘s brick and mortar to find a personalized routine that will improve your daily life.

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