Can’t Sleep? Can’t Focus? Need Energy?

Can’t Sleep? Can’t Focus? Need Energy?



The lack of sleep, energy, and concentration is a common, but major problem that affects people of all ages. Many people are turning to CBD as a natural alternative to aid in these issues.

Your hypothalamus, which is enriched with cannabinoid receptors, is responsible for your sleep-wake cycle among many other extremely important body functions. Because of this, sleep can be heavily influenced by CBD. 

REM Sleep, and Regulating Sleep Cycles

CBD has been used by many people to regulate your sleep cycle while also increasing your focus and energy leaving you ready for the day. Improve both the quality and quantity of rest. Ensure your body progresses through the normal stages of sleep (including REM sleep) without interruption. Circadian rhythm disorders (sleep-wake cycle disorders) happen when your body’s internal clock is misaligned due to work, travel, or due to personal or medical conditions. Customers say CBD can be especially helpful to people with Circadian rhythm disorders because not only can help you maintain a regular sleep schedule, it will work with you if your sleep windows change depending on your work schedule. 

  Can CBD Help Me?

Some sleep issues are due to personal and medical problems like anxiety, chronic pain, stress, and more. If you fall in this category, CBD may be the help your looking for. 

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and Stress-induced insomnia is a difficult thing to deal with because its cause is unique to what you’re going through. Through your Endocannabinoid System, Clients who use a tincture say it aids to regulate sleep and mood. It is said to increase levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates behavior and attitude and mood.

Chronic Pain

If Chronic Pain is waking you up or keeping you up, affecting your quality and quantity of sleep, there is an answer for you! Not only can sleep deprivation lower your pain threshold, it can also exacerbate existing pain. Work to alleviate chronic pain by using CBD Body Butter topically and increasing blood flow to stop inflammation.

What Products Are Best for Me?

For sleep, you should take one dropper full of a CBD Select Tincture around the time you start your nightly routine. Taking it around when you’re going to bed sends signals to your hypothalamus to engage your sleep-wake cycle. It is important to remember that CBD Select will not make you tired, it is said by customers that it attaches to your system to help your own hormones be stronger and last longer. Resulting in a longer night sleep, waking up feel more rested, and ready to start the day alert and focused!
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